Powerful Amazon advertising campaigns based on analytical, numbers-based actions that maximize your ROI and minimize your Advertised Cost of Sales (ACoS). Pay Per Click Advertising places your product in front of ready buyers.
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Amazon offers a few different solutions to advertise your products.
These include Sponsored Brands, Sponsored products, and Amazon Display Ads. No matter the ad type(s) you choose, PPC ads help drive sales as your organic rankings improve.  As an Amazon PPC Agency, we help your company maximize returns on every ad type.
Amazon Brand PPC Ads


One of the most powerful advertising tools is Sponsored Brands. Sponsored Brands, as the name intends, places your brand on top and in front of your key audience. These ads are reserved for Brand Registered clients on Amazon and cannot be utilized by the average seller on the platform. Not Brand Registered?  We can help any size company with the process.



Sponsored products are one of the most common types of ads on Amazon. Sponsored product ads are open to all amazon sellers to place their brand and product in front of people searching Amazon. Sponsored product ads are also used to boost organic rankings as Amazon uses historic sales and sales from PPC ads in its algorithm.  We work with brands with budgets that range from small to large, and optimize campaigns that net results. 
Amazon Sponsored Products PPC
Amazon Display Ads PPC


Amazon Display Ads are Amazon’s latest form of display ads. Again, these ad types are for companies that are brand registered.  Using this platform we can place your ads on Amazon’s Display Network that utilizes powerful tools like remarketing. Remarketing will have your brand repeatedly shown to people who visited your product and have moved on to other pages in Amazon. 


Our Skills

Success on Amazon requires a focused skillset.  Generic eCommerce knowledge is not enough; we are laser-focused on Amazon and have extensively trained on how to optimize this sales vertical.

We work with Sellers and Brands large and small to optimize a Pay Per Click (PPC) management solution. We utilize some of the latest tools, software, and algorithms that will place your ads in the right place to the right people and minimize your cost of sales.
We optimize your PPC ad campaigns to maximize your return. Our approach is strictly analytical and numbers-based; no emotion is involved. We can adjust bids 24/7 reducing your ad spend and achieving desired ACoS levels.

Most clients have found success in grocery retail, personal brick and mortar stores,  and/or a product website (Shopify).  However, Amazon constitutes almost 50% of online eCommerce today and a successful Amazon presence can add a new revenue stream equal to, or greater than offline sales.  Our skill set is focused on maximizing ROI through Branding, Optimization and PPC Advertising campains.

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